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Carmona Strategies Team

Our team possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the government and non-profit sectors, having successfully collaborated with government agencies, professional associations, non-profits, and public-private partnerships. We understand the unique challenges these entities face and are adept at delivering customized solutions to address their specific needs.

Our expertise lies in bridging the divide between government, businesses, and communities. Our strategic solutions are designed not only to foster collaboration but also to drive positive social impact. By forging meaningful connections and crafting inclusive strategies, we help our clients enhance their public image and receive valuable feedback, resulting in a stronger, more harmonious relationship with the communities they serve.

Robert Carmona| Carmona Strategies

Robert Carmona

Founder & Principal

Robert is a nationally recognized leader with a strong record of aiding organizations in reaching their objectives through strategic planning, process enhancement, and inventive issue resolution. Robert has dedicated his career to public service, with over $500 million of projects in construction and $200 million in Public/Private Partnerships. The projects have garnered national praise with over 30 regional, state, and national awards for their unique blend of community benefits and innovative approaches. He was named a 40 Under 40 award winner by the Phoenix Business Journal and Arizona Daily Star. Robert has been named the Professional of the Year twice by the Arizona Parks and Recreation Association. Outside his profession, Robert is dedicated to nonprofit boards and passionately supports foster care programs and marginalized communities.


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Jennika Horta

Senior Manager

Jennika boasts exceptional skills in project management, performance evaluation, and community engagement. With degrees from Northern Arizona University and Park University, her expertise has significantly influenced the success of several organizations. She has been crucial in spearheading notable successful projects like Cactus Yards, Gilbert Regional Park, and Desert Sky Park in Gilbert, Arizona.


With her friendly demeanor, creative problem-solving abilities, and dedication to excellence, Jennika Horta continues to make a significant impact in the field of consulting and community development.


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Jennika Horta | Carmona Strategies
Sarah Carmona | Carmona Strategies

Sarah Carmona

Finance and Accounting Manager

Sarah has a deep understanding of accounting principles and has been the catalyst driving strategic approaches that propel both companies and non-profits toward their financial goals. With degrees in Public Management and Finance and Accounting. Her unwavering dedication to precision has yielded heightened productivity, improved financial performance, and a track record of satisfied clients.


Her skillful orchestration of financial strategies has not only facilitated the organization's growth but has also contributed to its standing as a reliable and high-performing entity in the industry.


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